The foundation of The PDS Companies is our Trust Asset Management System Software developed by PDS Systems. This software has the flexibility to operate within any institution’s organizational and procedural structure, and a versatility that allows institutions of all sizes to utilize it.

The PDS Specialty Asset Management System Software features an application for the Windows
Operating System, with Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access® interfaces. Our proprietary software is the most sophisticated specialty asset accounting software available. It has the design and functionality to provide accurate and current information on all specialty assets in a portfolio as well as the tools to support management decisions at the click of a mouse.

The PDS Specialty Asset Management System Software boosts efficiency by:

  • Reducing staff time devoted to data maintenance, retrieval and reporting
  • Increasing accuracy of all asset management processes
  • Performing all calculations and catching errors as they occur

The PDS Systems Team:

  • Provides user training with periodic sessions on or off site to ensure optimal utilization of our product.
  • Provides a high level of personal assistance through its Customer Support Group. The Customer Support Group has extensive experience in specialty asset management for trust banking. Customer Support Group members train client staff, participate in issuing of releases and are available 24 hours a day though our toll-free number.

PDS Specialty Asset Management System Software programs are highly sophisticated and capable of managing even the most complex portfolios. Our in depth knowledge of the industry and expertise in computer technology enable us to provide our clients the most advanced system software and unequaled customer service and support. We are continually updating our software and adapting it to the needs of our clients, providing what our clients need to stay competitive in the trust industry.